Thursday, May 22, 2014

#TBT Vintage 7UP Advertisement (1957): Flavor Enhancer

Now here's an interesting concept. This unusual Seven-Up ad from 1957 claims that drinking 7-Up while eating will enhance the flavors of your meal, regardless of what you're dining on. Between each bite of food, take a sip of 7-Up to alert your taste buds and sharpen your taste!

We decided to try this theory out with a can of 7UP, a hamburger and some cheese fries. First we took a bite of the hamburger and fries, then we took a sip of the 7UP and then ate the food again. We really didn't notice any differences in the taste of the food after drinking the soda. We did feel, however, that the 7UP was especially tasty and refreshing after having eaten our salty, hot food. While the soda did not seem to enhance the flavors of the meal, it did go very well with the meal. We can certainly see a nice cold 7UP being the perfect beverage to compliment a wide range of hot foods because of its fresh, crisp taste.

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