Monday, December 12, 2016

'Hey Santa' - Carnie & Wendy Wilson (1993) - NEW CHRISTMAS CULT CLASSIC!

When hunting for scented candles at K-Mart the other day, a jubilant Christmas jingle came over the loudspeakers that warmed us over with its joyful hymns. We sniffed a Grandma's Cookies candle while angelic voices belted out "Hey Santa" and sang of "Christmas lights up and down the street." A perfectly 90s saxophone riff closed out the song and we were left standing in disbelief by what we had just experienced. We couldn't help but wonder what this festive Christmas pop tune could be so we immediately looked it up and were surprised to reveal that it was by none other than the 90s singing sisters sensation, Carnie and Wendy Wilson! We later found the music video, a surreal, seedy and cultish Christmas parody depicting a video shoot gone awry, replete with comedic twists like a demented dwarf elf, a sax playing Santa and even a shirtless male model! We were shocked that we had never seen it before -- how could this curious Christmas classic have remained hidden all these years? But, alas, here it is for all to share. So sit back, relax and rediscover the magic and wonder that is "Hey Santa!"

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