Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hostess Star Spangled Cupcakes and Strawberry Donettes: AMERICAN SUMMER!

Hostess is ushering in a true American summer with their Limited Edition Star Spangled Cupcakes and Strawberry Donettes!

Hostess Star Spangled Cupcakes takes Hostess's famous yellow cake with creamy filling and frosts it with patriotic red, white and blue icing. Fireworks will erupt on your tastebuds with these festive, colorful snack cakes!

Hostess Strawberry Donettes mini donuts are flavored like the classic summer fruit and iced with a sugary coating. These sweet, pink treats are poppable and fun and taste great with a glass of icy lemonade!

Dive into summer with these amusing new Hostess products!

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