Thursday, June 21, 2018

NEW McDonald's Apple Pie: SWEET UPGRADE!

McDonald's first started testing a new apple pie recipe in 2016, but now the upgrade is available nationwide. For this version of the definitive American sweet treat, McDonald's uses larger slices of apples (instead of diced) inside of a dainty lattice pie crust.

The best part of this change is that not much has changed at all! The classic combination of fresh apples, sugar and cinnamon baked inside of a flaky, buttery crust is still the centerpiece of this new variation. If anything, the larger apple pieces bring the fruit more front and center resulting in more apple flavor. Also, the new pie is about 10 calories lighter so you can feel even better about the change!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bacon & Cheddar Cheez-It Duoz: PIG FLAVORED TREATS!

Cheez-It Duoz Bacon & Cheddar combines new bacon flavored Cheez-It baked crackers with classic cheddar Cheez-Its. Made with 100% real cheese, this tasty treat mixes together the scrumptious flavors of smoky bacon and tangy cheddar, and we love it!

Crunchy, savory and addictive, Cheez-It Duoz Bacon & Cheddar is one of the best new snack food items we've recently tried. And the bacon crackers contain natural hickory smoke flavor but no actual meat ingredients, so your veggie loving friends can indulge alongside you!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Cherry Cola Oreo Cookies: NABISCO SODA POP BLAST!

Nabisco has been saturating the snack aisle lately with gimmicky flavored Oreo and one of the more fascinating flavors they've released is Cherry Cola. We tried it out and here is what we found!

The most interesting element of this new cookie is the addition of "popping candy" to the cherry cola flavored creme. What's so brilliant about this move is that the popping candies help imitate the sensation of drinking a fizzy soda! While eating one of these Oreos is not exactly like drinking a cherry cola, Nabisco has done their best to make this a unique and entertaining snacking experience.

Aside from the fizzy mouthfeel, the artificial cherry cola flavoring itself is very strong throughout (Oreo's signature chocolate cookie flavoring is still present as well). This cookie would be great served at a party because it would surely make for great conversation. But when it comes to eating something that is purely delicious, we say skip this newcomer. While Cherry Cola Oreo is fun, interesting and impressive, it just doesn't taste as good as Oreo's other offerings. For a naughty snack, we'd rather bite into one of Oreo's other new flavors, like their insanely tasty Peanut Butter Creme.


Friday, June 1, 2018


The first Friday in June every year is National Donut Day! From glazed to jelly, creme-filled to pink frosted with sprinkles, donuts are one of America's favorites pastimes.

Make sure you head on over to your local donut shop and raise a salute in honor of these beloved pastries!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

McDonald's Happy Meal Hungry Hungry Hippos Toy: YOU WIN!

Put your thinkin' caps on!

McDonald's Happy Meal is now featuring toy versions of popular Hasbro games. Grab a pal and try your luck with all 8 classic pastimes: Connect 4, Mouse Trap, Pie Face, Trouble, Battleship, Guess Who?, Bop It and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Which one will you get?!


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