Friday, June 14, 2019

IHOP Mexican Churro Pancakes: DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST!

America's favorite pancake house IHOP is now serving Mexican Churro Pancakes as part of their International Pancake Combo promotion. Fluffy IHOP buttermilk pancakes are slathered in a sweet, warm cinnamon spread, topped with mini, crunchy churros, drizzled with sugary cream cheese icing then finished off with a cool whipped cream topping. The cinnamon-spiced, buttery flavor of these toothsome flapjacks is a fun fiesta for your tastebuds. Try them now as part of a breakfast combo or as a side order for a limited time only!

Mexican Tres Leches and Italian Cannoli Pancakes also available.

    image IHOP

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


New York City's well-known donut spot The Donut Pub has just opened a new location at 740 Broadway near Astor Place. Serving up fresh, classic yeast and cake donuts like Glazed, Blueberry, Vanilla Iced, Chocolate Iced and Sprinkles, The Donut Pub also offers signature Croissant Donuts (Glazed, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, and Cannoli), specialty donuts, crullers, cookies, cupcakes, croissants, muffins and gelato, as well as savory breakfast and lunch specials like their tasty Tuna Melt and Chicken Salad Sandwich.

The spacious new location is vivid and modern yet still reminiscent of a retro luncheonette with cozy stools tucked up to a bright marble counter. Take a seat and enjoy a made-to-order coffee with your donut and chat with the friendly staff. The Donut Pub is the quintessential NYC experience as well as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan's busy streets.

Make sure you also check out The Donut Pub's original West Village location at 203 W 14th St, open 24/7 since 1964!

Friday, May 31, 2019

McDonald's Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Deluxe: NICE TO MEAT YOU!

McDonald's is spotlighting classic flavors with their NEW Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Deluxe! For this tasty new menu item, McDonald's is topping their classic Quarter Pounder with Cheese with crisp leaf lettuce, ripe juicy tomatoes, slivered onions, tart pickles and smooth, creamy mayonnaise, all inside a bakery-fresh sesame seed bun.

The sizzling fresh beef and gooey American cheese taste even better with these classic burger toppers making the McD's Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe an instant hit. We're lovin' it!

Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Bacon also available at participating McDonald's

 image McDonald's

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hostess Star Spangled Cupcakes and Strawberry Donettes: AMERICAN SUMMER!

Hostess is ushering in a true American summer with their Limited Edition Star Spangled Cupcakes and Strawberry Donettes!

Hostess Star Spangled Cupcakes takes Hostess's famous yellow cake with creamy filling and frosts it with patriotic red, white and blue icing. Fireworks will erupt on your tastebuds with these festive, colorful snack cakes!

Hostess Strawberry Donettes mini donuts are flavored like the classic summer fruit and iced with a sugary coating. These sweet, pink treats are poppable and fun and taste great with a glass of icy lemonade!

Dive into summer with these amusing new Hostess products!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Krispy Kreme Summer Fruit Collection: PINEAPPLE, STRAWBERRY & KEY LIME DOUGHNUTS!

    Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is bringing the sunshine with their Summer Fruit Doughnut Collection! Each NEW flavored doughnut is based on a classic summer fruit and they're so doggone tasty we can barely contain our excitement!

Pineapple Doughnut: Stuffed with tangy, tropical pineapple filling, this vivacious doughnut will transport your tastebuds to a sunny island getaway!

Strawberry Doughnut: This dazzling confection is filled with strawberry-jam and tastes just like a lazy summer afternoon. You'll do a lil jig after biting into this one!

Key Lime Doughnut: Our favorite is crammed full of luscious Key Lime Kreme. This devilishly delicious doughnut tastes just like the iconic summer pie!

Which new Krispy Kreme Summer Fruit Doughnut will you try? Head on over to your local KK and try 'em for yourself while supplies last!

For a limited time only.
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